Travel by Train in Italy is Easy

Travel by Train in Italy is Easy
Italy Train Travel is Easy

Rome Italy Train – Photo by Robert Sharp

Once you figure out the system; travel by train in Italy is a breeze.  It is far easier to travel by train than to drive. Since the trains go to most places it is possible to rely on them as your main form of transportation. A few tips to get you started:

The word for track in Italian is binario. When you get your ticket you will be given the number of the binario where your train will be arriving.

Eurostar trains require reservations so either book in advance or get a reservation when you arrive at the train station. On some trains you need both a seat assignment and a reservation. Some seats will face forward others will face backward. Riding backward bothers some people so notice which way the train is facing before you sit down.

If you find it confusing to communicate when you do not speak the language have someone write instructions on an index card or piece of paper i.e. I need two first class, one-way tickets to Florence on the next train or I want both a reservation and a seat assignment or I would like a no smoking car. Someone at your hotel can help you with this.

You can go on-line to one of the European Rail Web-sites and get information on how long it takes to get from one city to the next, what the prices are for the trip, etc. This will reduce your anxiety about traveling by train in Italy If you purchase a Eurail pass before you leave home, there may be an additional charge for Eurostar trains.

Don’t forget to write your travel date on your ticket. Before you board always get your ticket stamped in the one of the little yellow boxes that you see everywhere in the station. You will appreciate how easy and relaxing travel by train in Italy is when you are riding through the countryside enjoying the view through your window.


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