Travel to Italy, Celebrate the Differences

Travel to Italy, Celebrate the Differences

Women in Stilettos: I complain when I have to wear high heels for a couple of hours at a party. Go to Italy and you see women of all ages in stilettos going about their daily activities – riding Vespa’s, shopping, on the train, hiking along the trails of the Cinque Terre, etc.

Chatter is Everywhere: On cell phones and in groups Italians like to talk. There is a constant buzzing of chatter in the background wherever you go. If you listen to cell phone conversations you have to wonder if the person on the other end of the phone is listening the whole time or if both people are talking non-stop.

No Salt: Several years ago I overhead an American couple complain about how bland the food in Italy is. I could not believe what I was hearing. So many Americans are used to eating fast food and processed food that they can’t appreciate fresh food prepared with natural herbs and little salt.

Grapes Growing in Backyards: Vineyards grow behind houses in small towns all across Italy. Families harvest the grapes and make their own wine so they always have a stash of wine available.

Coffee Comes in one Size: Order an espresso, cappuccino or coffee and no one asks you if you want a tall, grande or veniti. You get whatever size the restaurant or cafè serves.

Not Just Coke:Wine and beer are sold in vending machines all across Europe which makes a nice change from only having soda and water.

Frizzante or Naturale:Water is not just water you get it either with or without bubbles. Italians generally assume Americans want it without bubbles (naturale), but with me they get it wrong with a meal I would much rather have the bubbles (frizzante).

3,000 Years of History: Does having such a long history making a difference in how a country views itself and its position in the world? When tour guides refer to 500 year old buildings as new and you see people living in structures that existed in the Middle Ages your view of the importance of whether you buy that new TV today or wait for a couple of months changes.

What are some of the things you love about Italy?

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  • F C Lee says:

    Speaking of stilletos, Italians tell me they recognize American women by their sneakers and big teeth. They have an inate fashion sense and what they can do on a small budget with just a solid assortment of accessories is amazing.
    And, it is the one country of the 60 I’ve visited where it is difficult NOT to find a great meal. Nothing compares. And don’t just order salad & pasta if you go to posh restaurant. That is rather a insult to any self-respecting chef!

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