Travel With Your Own Aeris Travel Neck Pillow

Travel With Your Own Aeris Travel Neck Pillow
Aeris Travel Neck Pillow

Aeris Travel Neck Pillow

Travel with Your Own Pillow

I have never  been what most people consider to be a germaphobe.

Sure I bring hand sanitizer when I travel but who doesn’t?  Now it seems like every time I turn on the TV there is a news report about the germiest parts of a plane, the distance germs fly when someone sneezes on the plane (way too far and not where you think) and reports about how you should never, ever use a pillow provided by the airline.

I have been bringing my own pillow when I travel for years.

Recently I decided that I needed a new one.  After traveling with me all around the globe I decided the pillow I owned was probably no cleaner than one provided by the airline.  I finally decided on the Aeris Travel Neck Pillow.

Favorite Feature – Aeris comes with a bag

I see people traveling with their neck pillows attached to the handle of their suitcase and think about how dirty that pillow must be.  If you have your neck pillow hanging off your suitcase bumping into people in the corridors of the airport not to mention the plane, dragging behind you as you pull your suitcase and exposed pillow into the stall of a restroom, not to mention being thrown into the backs of buses, trains and vans it has to be filthy.

I want a pillow that I can put in a bag and keep it clean. I also want a cover I can take off and wash.  The Aeris neck pillow has both.

Some other features of the Aeris Neck Pillow:

      • It is made of memory foam so it molds to your neck
      • It has toggles so you can adjust it around your neck
      • It has a washable cover
      • It comes with a bag
      • It compresses down to half it’s original size
      • It is about 4″ in diameter and about 12″ in circumference
      • It is made of foam and not inflatable so it cannot spring a leak
      • It comes with a Lifetime, Free Replacement Guarantee

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