Traveling to Italy? Take the Right Shoes.

Traveling to Italy? Take the Right Shoes.

Keen Arroyos Women's Shoes Review
The conventional wisdom about shoes for travel is to bring ones that are old and trusted. I have noticed that sometimes old shoes can be so worn that they no longer support my feet as I hike around new and wonderful places on my trips.

Some years ago I had a bout with plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot which most often causes severe heel pain. I learned from that experience to check the soles and arches of my shoes before a trip. It is usually possible to see where the soles are worn.

To check arch support is more difficult. I check by comparing my old shoes with a similar pair in the store. If I can tell a real difference I replace the shoes. It is important to do this far enough in advance of a trip to make sure the shoes are comfortable. Sandals may take longer to “break in” than tennis shoes.

Having had problems with my feet has made me appreciate their importance to any travel planning!

The most comfortable shoes I have ever worn on a trip are Keen Arroyos. They combine a hiking shoe sole with an open top. They can be worn with or without socks. They are not elegant—but my feet never hurt.

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Keen Arroyos Women's Shoes Review

Submitted by Susan Willey Spalt


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