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Walk! Magazine

Our sister blog, Discover Walking has had an article reprinted in Walk! Magazine. With the permission of Discover Walking, Cindi Leeman of Walk! Magazine reprinted a blog about the benefits of walking on the beach.

Walk! Magazine is a print publication that is mailed four times a year – Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. The publishers are hoping to go to six times per year soon.

Walk! Magazine provides information to walkers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a competitive walker, racewalker or someone who walks for relaxation and a bit of fresh air after a long day in an office you will find something of interest in this magazine.

Features of past, present and future editions have included or will include topics such as equipment and gear reviews, information on races and events, news on nutrition and walking clubs as well as personal interviews with walkers in the news.

Cindi Leeman has been a publisher for over 20 years and a dedicated walker for about half that time (she began training for her first marathon over 6 years ago.)

So, if you plan to take a beach vacation soon, make sure you know about the benefits of walking on a beach. If you plan on taking a walking vacation anytime soon make sure you learn more about walking and take a copy of Walk! Magazine to read on the plane or in your car.

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