Walking Through Verona Observing A Wedding

Walking Through Verona Observing A Wedding

Verona, Italy Wedding

I love walking through cities with no goal in mind.  I wander around looking at people, doing a little window shopping, peeking down streets, admiring gardens and just generally looking for anything that is interesting and unexpected.

I arrived in Verona, Italy in the middle of a Saturday on my trip last year.  My hotel, the Trieste, was about a 5 minute walk outside the city walls.

After settling into the hotel I walked over to the historical center of Verona where I found a café, ordered a glass of wine and tried to read the city map without any success since I can’t read maps.

Fortunately Verona is small and has a river flowing around it which is a great help in figuring out where you are at any point in time.

After 30 minutes or so I paid my bill and started wandering through this wonderful little city.

Verona is beautiful and quaint at the same time.

In the late afternoon I walked by city hall, or what I assumed to be the equivalent of the Italian city hall and found that there were a lot of very well-dressed people milling about.  It turns out they were holding weddings.

In the US when people get married at city hall they tend to have a few family members in attendance but in Verona there were 50 or 100 people in attendance and an equal number of interested tourists watching as they left the building and tried to drive away.

I love how all the cars waiting to take the bride and groom to their new lives were decorated with bows.

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  • Grip says:

    I love Verona, Italy. It is such a beautiful and walkable city. Verona is one of my favorite cities. In fact, we have also stayed at the Hotel Trieste!

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