Watersafe D Caf Strips

Watersafe D Caf Strips

How to Test For Decaf Coffee

Do you ever order a decaf drink and wonder if it is really decaf?

If you are like me you try to limit the amount of caffeine you drink. I don’t worry too much when I am in the US since we tend to be obsessed with our caffeine intake and would call out a coffee shop if they deceived us. I do worry, however, when I travel.

I can drink some caffeine but too much and I am wired. Drink it too late in the day and I am up all night. That is where the Watersafe D+Caf Strips (caffeine test strips) come in. I heard about the Watersafe D+Caf Strips somewhere – on the news maybe or in a magazine. In any case I thought I would give them a try and they work!

When I order coffee in Italy I am never sure if I am actually ordering decaf

If I do manage to order something decaf I am not sure that is what I am getting. Watersafe D+Caf strips let me know for sure.

Here is what you do: Pour a little coffee in a spoon or some other small container, you only need a few drops, then take one of the Watersafe D+Caf strips and dip it in the coffee. If the liquid goes towards the D it is decaf, towards the C and you are drinking a caffeinated drink.

I swear by the Watersafe D+Caf caffeine test strips. They have saved me from more than one sleepless night.

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