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Trevi Fountain Hosts Naked Swimmer

A 40-year-old office clerk became an international celebrity when she went for a swim, naked, in the Trevi Fountain. This is not the first time the Renaissance masterpiece has been used as a private pool and it certainly will not be the last.

As quoted by the Corriere della Sera Roberta said “The water is everyone’s and it was hot. What’s wrong with taking a dip?” Roberta, wisely did not give her last name. Pictures of her appeared in all Italy’s leading newspapers on Monday. A short video of Roberta swimming was broadcast on Italian television late Sunday.

Roberta stunned tourists and locals alike as she stripped and swam several lengths of the fountain before stretching out on the marble at the base of the statue of Neptune.

When a policeman came to apprehend her and take her to a police station on charges of indecent exposure, applause broke out among the hundreds of onlookers many of whom were snapping pictures of their own.

The Trevi fountain is featured in the 1960 classic film “La Dolce Vita” in which Anita Ekberg went for a dip in the fountain wearing a skimpy black dress. But swimming in the fountain is prohibited and Roberta, from Milan, now risks a hefty fine for public indecency. In 1995, German supermodel Claudia Schiffer waded into the fountain (but
kept her clothes on) for an advertising campaign for designer Valentino.

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